Our Story

Hello, my name is Khamani, I’m 17 years old an entrepreneur and live with a physical disability called Dystonia that affects my mobility. I am the CEO of KJ’s Craft Time.

Previously known as
KML Craft Boxes,

started during the second lockdown, I wanted to make crafts that would be creative and fun, and most importantly educational. My mission is to ensure children are able to think imaginatively and have an immersive experience venturing into space or ancient worlds. I want my crafts to help develop fine motor skills because it’s a skill easily lost as children spend much time on electronic devices and KJ’s Craft Time aims to get them to engage more with the real world around them.

I have now introduced two further ranges of craft boxes, one centred around education and the other, a fantasy range that promotes creativity and a love for the world of make-believe.

Thank you for choosing us!

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or caregiver, KJ's Craft Time is here to support you in providing a fun and educational experience for the children in your life. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery, creativity, and learning. Shop our collection of educational craft kits today and let the adventure begin!